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We've been quoted around the world

Everyone is interested in color! TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers are no exception. So we've often been called to give an opinion, or offer a few words of advice. Check these out!

Westchester Magazine: Spring, 2018

Here's a profile that focuses on the work we do, and how we do it.


The Wall Street Journal

The hundreds of shades of gray, and why they're so interesting.


WCBS-TV, New York

Could the road to happiness simply depend on the color of your walls? WCBS finds out.


The New York Times

Is there a best shade of white to help sell a home? We answered.


The Associated Press

How do they pick the "Color of the Year"? We explained.


The New York Times

Down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole.


The Daily Mail (UK)

How to recreate the Mad Men style at home, one shop at a time

Paralyzed by Paint Colors? The One Person Who Can Help