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We've been quoted around the world

Everyone is interested in color! TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers are no exception. So we've often been called to give an opinion, or offer a few words of advice. Check these out!

Colour consultants aren't as woo-woo as some people think. We explain that color anxiety is real.

Chicago Sun-Times/Associated Press Syndicate

Where do those names for paint colors come from? Here's how we responded.

Westchester Magazine: Spring, 2018

Here's a profile that focuses on the work we do, and how we do it.

The Wall Street Journal

The hundreds of shades of gray, and why they're so interesting.

WCBS-TV, New York

Could the road to happiness simply depend on the color of your walls? WCBS finds out.

The New York Times

Is there a best shade of white to help sell a home? We answered.

The New York Times

Down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole.

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